Latin name:  Claytonia perfoliata (syn. Montia perfoliata)

Family:  Portulacaceae

Common name: Miner's lettuce
Habit: Mounding, up to 1 foot tall and wide.
Foliage:  Initially the foliage has long petioles and shaped like a snake's head.  Later, foliage completely encircles the stem (a term called perfoliate, which is where the species name is derived).
Flowers:  Flowers occur in racemes.  Each flower has 5 white petals.  Flowers are perfect (male and female parts).

Notes:  The common name, Miner's lettuce, is attributed to the fact that miners use to eat the plant for salad greens.  

The generic name, Claytonia, is named for John Clayton, a botanist of the 1600's.  The specific name, perfoliata, refers to the perfoliate leaves that are attached at the base to completely encircle the stem.

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