Madia sativa - tarweed


Tarweed is an annual that reproduces by seed. It is a common weed of nursery crops, meadows, fencerows, and disturbed soils.

Habit is upright and columnar. Plants grow 3 to 4 feet in height.

Foliage is lanceolate in shape. More notable are the sticky, glandular hairs that cover the foliage. Animal owners often complain that their livestock become covered with the sticky 'gum' after brushing up against the plant.

Flower heads occur in terminal clusters. Heads have yellow ray flowers, but I was not able to photograph them in bloom (flowers only open fully during the night).

Flower heads are also covered with glandular sticky hairs. Foliage and buds are often covered with dead insects, flower parts, soil, and other debris.

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