Latin name:  Lamium amplexicaule

Family:  Lamiaceae, Mint family

Common name:  common dead nettle, or henbit
Life cycle:  usually an annual, but can be a short-lived perennial in protected areas.
Habit: Spreading and mounding.  Spreads indefinitely in all directions, and will grow to about 12 inches tall.
Foliage:  Foliage is arranged oppositely around square stems and is pubescent.  The term amplexicaul means 'to clasp the stem'.  Foliage on this plant does in fact clasp the stem, hence its name.
Flowers: Flowers are reddish pink in color, tubular, and occur in axillary clusters at terminal foliage.
Stems:  Like all plants in the mint family, common dead nettle has square stems.  This is an excellent way to differentiate this plant from Persian speedwell when neither plant is in flower.

Look alikes:  Lamium purpureum (red dead nettle) and Veronica persica (Persian speedwell)

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