Latin name: Arabidopsis thaliana

Family:  Brassicaceae

Common name:  Mouse-ear cress

Life cycle: annual, spreading by seed
Habit:  Initially plants form a basal rosette that is more or less prostrate to the ground.  Flower stalks soon emerge and bear flowers in a terminal raceme.
Foliage:  Most of the plant's foliage occurs in a basal rosette.  Leaves are small (1 to 5 cm long), only slightly dentate, and with stellate pubescence (the hairs are star shaped when viewed under magnification).
Flower:  Flowers occur in a terminal raceme.  Each flower has 4 petals, they are white, and 2 to 4 mm wide.
Seed pods:  Cylindrical, 1 mm wide and 1 to 2 cm long.  Similar to seed pods on other plants in this family.

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