Achillea millefolium - yarrow


Yarrow is common and widespread weed that often occurs along roadsides and fence rows, but can also be found in nurseries, lawns, and landscapes.

Yarrow is a perennial that spreads by rhizome and seed.

Habit is variable, although it can generally be characterized as growing upright (12-24 inches tall) in small clumps.

Leaves are deeply dissected, pinnately lobed, sessile (no petioles), and arranged alternately along the stem.

Foliage and stems are pubescent. Pubescence may be difficult to see on foliage, but is readily visible on stems.

Flower heads occur in terminal clusters. Flowers are white to pink with yellow stamen.

Involucre bracts are hidden by the white ray petals. When observed from below, they appear scaly with alternating white and brown colors.

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