Prostrate Spurge Control with Preemergence Herbicides

The chart above shows reduction in prostrate spurge growth 90 days after potting as a result of herbicide application. The entire shoot system of all spurge plants were harvested and weighed to determine shoot weight. The smaller the bars in this chart, the better the control. The bar labeled 'Control' represents containers not treated with any herbicide, and thus serves as control or comparison to herbicide treatments.

Prostrate spurge is one of the most difficult to control weeds in container production. It is an annual that spreads by seed. Seed are probably dispersed propagation, so when liners are potted the seed are already in the liner rootball. Also, prostate spurge might grow from one container into the next and deposit seed (when containers are spaced close together).

In this research, the granular herbicides Broadstar and Rout provided excellent control (>90%), and Snapshot provided moderate control (>70%).

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