Bittercress Control with Preemergence Herbicides

The chart above shows reduction in bittercress growth 90 days after potting as a result of herbicide application. The entire shoot system of all bittercress plants were harvested and weighed to determine shoot weight. The smaller the bars in this chart, the better the control. The bar labeled 'Control' represents containers not treated with any herbicide, and thus serves as control or comparison to herbicide treatments.

Bittercress spread through prolific seed production and the ability to project seed several feet from the mother plant. Bittercress is most problematic from fall through early spring. Preemergence herbicides applied prior to overwintering will prevent severe infestations. Herbicides should be applied at least 3 weeks prior to covering plants with plastic or placing them in overwintering structures (see labels for specific details).

In this research, the granular herbicides Snapshot provided excellent control, while Broadstar and Rout provided very good control.

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