Anthemis cotula 

(Mayweed chamomile)

Matricaria matricarioidies 

(Pineapple weed)

Other common names include: stinkweed, dog fennel, dill weed, stinking daisy, white stinkweed, ad infinitum.

Mayweed chamomile
pineapple weed
When plants are small, MC and pineapple weed look very similar.  The best way to distinguish one from the other is to crush the stems and smell.
Pineapple weed looks very similar to MC at a young age.
anthemis cotula flower
pineapple weed flower
Flower heads have white, petal-like ray flowers.
Flower-heads lack the white petal-like ray flowers seen on MC.
Mayweed chamomile

Stems are pubescent, though this is not always immediately obvious.  What is more obvious is the malodorous smell of the crushed stems.
Stems are glabrous (hairless).  Stems and leaves have a sweet pineapple like scent when crushed.
anthemis cotula habit
pineapple weed habit
Habit for MC is bushy, up to 18 inches tall and wide.
Pineapple weed usually grows up to 8 inches tall, but much wider.
pineapple weed foliage
Foliage is deeply dissected.
Just like MC, leaves are deeply dissected and clasp the stem from which they arise.
More photos of this weed.
More photos of this weed.
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