Ron Wrolstad receives top honor from American Chemical Society

Ron Wrolstad, distinguished professor emeritus in OSU’s Department of Food Science and Technology, received the 2017 Award for the Advancement of Application of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The award is the highest honor conferred by the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. It acknowledges outstanding contributions to pure and applied agricultural and food chemistry. It is sponsored by International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.


Ron Wrolstad

The award celebrates Wrolstad’s career-long research into the color components of food. His work focuses on anthocyanin chemistry, color stability and fruit juice authenticity. He has developed analytical methods for identifying and quantifying anthocyanins, preventing their loss during processing, recovering them from fruit-processing byproducts and isolating them for use as natural colorants.

Wrolstad received a plaque and a $3,000 check at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in Washington, D.C. in August. The ceremony was preceded by a symposium given in his honor, featuring technical talks by former graduate students and visiting faculty. Speakers included Monica Giusti and Luis Rodriguez-Saona, both professors in Ohio State University’s food science department, and Jungmin Lee, a research scientist at the USDA’s Horticultural Crops Research Unit in Parma, Idaho.

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  1. dan selivonchick says:

    Way to go Ron!!!! Congratulations! Dan