Homecoming Academic Showcase

A Homecoming Showcase will highlight the amazing breadth of academic work happening around campus, as well as capture the spirit of the OSU150 celebration, which kicked off this summer with the OSU150 Space Grant Festival during the solar eclipse.

The Homecoming Academic Showcase takes place in the lobby of Gill Coliseum on Friday, Oct. 13 from 1 – 6 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. until the 1 p.m. football kickoff. Visitors to the exhibit can explore the history of the university, and get a peek at what OSU’s 12 colleges are up to, as well as OSU Extension and OSU Libraries and Press.

“The liberal arts are central to Oregon State’s land grant mission,” said Celene Carillo, College of Liberal Arts communication director. “We’re excited that the showcase offers us another forum to tell that story. Oregon State has strong traditions in the arts and social sciences and an even brighter future.”

Not only can students learn about many academic programs and traditions, but staff and faculty can also expand their knowledge about the university’s varied colleges and departments and their rich history.

“Instruction in engineering at Oregon State dates back to the 1880s,” said Thuy Tran, College of Engineering director of marketing and communications. “Since then the College of Engineering has graduated more than 35,000 alumni. As we celebrate OSU150, we proudly recognize their sustained contributions to society and science. Together and with purpose, we look forward to advancing our mission of transforming lives and enhancing society through impactful engineering education and research.”

Visitors to the showcase can also pick up a copy of “A School for the People – a photographic history of Oregon State University” and “The People’s School:  A history of Oregon State University” from OSU Press. They’ll also be able to explore the Oral History Project and earn a chocolate coin from the OSU150 table.
Learn more at OSU150.org or http://communications.oregonstate.edu/events/events-and-projects/osu150-homecoming-academic-showcase

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