Landscape & Ground Maintenance crew receives Our Hero award

group around table

Deb Weitzman announces the winners of the May Our Hero award.

The Facilities Services Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Crew at Oregon State University has been named the Professional Faculty Leadership Association’s May 2017 ‘Our Hero.’

The team was presented with ‘Our Hero’ mugs, plaques and pastries by PFLA representatives during a crew break on May 30. They include Tim Carpenter, Todd Cross, Bill Doerr, Terry Folden, Henry Herb, Kevin Lorain, Nick McKee, Charlotte Pritchard, Ted Simpson, David Slifkin, Edi Smith, Chris Trine, Bill Coslow and Joe Majeski.

The 12-person team is responsible for all university grounds on the Corvallis campus, from mowing laws to pulling weeds to keeping sidewalks clear and safe, as well as many other tasks that keep the campus beautiful. Weather challenges have been especially bountiful of late.

group around table

OSU landscape crew

“With over 40 inches or precipitation since Oct. 1, 2016, this crew has had to endure clogged gutters, broken limbs, fallen trees, flooded and icy sidewalks, and more,” the nominator wrote. ”Freezing rain brought down limbs around campus requiring significant clean up. Additionally, the continuing rain this spring has resulted muddy wet conditions, making rain gear and rubber boots still a requirement.”

“OSU employees are the customers of the Landscape crew, whether they know it or not. Keeping the grounds of the University in top shape (regardless of the weather) is a big job. These employees deserve credit for providing top-notch customer service to the OSU community,” the nominator wrote.

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