Robert Yeats donates professional library to Indonesian Institute of Science


Ken Yeats and Danny Hilman Natawidjaja in the Yeats Collection holding biography of Robert Yeats.

Robert Yeats, professor emeritus of geosciences at Oregon State University, has donated his professional library to the Research Center for Geotechnology at the Indonesian Institute of Science in Bandung, Java. Yeats’ research career has focused on active tectonics and earthquake geology, and he was one of the first scientists to suggest that the Pacific Northwest may be due for a massive subduction zone quake. Indonesia frequently experiences seismic activity.

The donation will be particularly useful for the Research Center for Geotechnology as they are the leading center for earthquake geology research in Indonesia, led by Danny Hilman Natawidjaja. The collection will also be accessible to earth science students and faculty at the neighboring Indonesian Institute of Technology.

Transport of the 68-box shipment from Corvallis was sponsored by Chevron, including a trans-Pacific ride on a supertanker. A dedication of the library was held at the center on April 25.  Representing Yeats at the event were Ken Yeats (BS, 1981) and Carolyn Turner Yeats (BA, 1981).  Ken is currently lead geologist for Chevron’s Indonesia Deepwater Development project in Jakarta.

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  1. Thank you Robert Yeats,
    Indonesia as one of the many paths through the mountain is great potential for an earthquake. I hope this donation can be used with as much as you.