OSU Women’s Center Awards takes place May 19

The 2014 OSU Women’s Center awards ceremony takes place Monday, May 19, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the OSU Women’s Center (Benton Annex).  Both faculty and staff and students are honored at this event, which is open to the public.

This year’s Women of Achievement Awardees are Brenda McComb, Indira Rajagopal and Margie Haak. They have impressed the committee for having gone above and beyond in their commitment to equity and success of OSU students and women in the greater community.


Brenda McComb

McComb is dean of the OSU Graduate School, a tenured professor in the department of forest ecosystems and society and a member of the OSU Board of Trustees. Her nominator said McComb’s approach to leadership is student-centered and holistic.

“Brenda is also deeply committed to positively impacting the lives of graduate students not only in terms of academic success, but also in regards to their social well-being, mental health, and feelings of community belonging,” her nominator wrote.

Rajagopal is senior instructor of biochemistry/biophysics in the College of Science. Her nominator said she is a role model who strives for excellence, enhancing diversity and fostering harmony.  She does everything from participating in mentorship programs for middle and high school students to supporting undergraduate women in the sciences to training high school science teachers.


Indira Rajagopal

“As a successful female scientist of color in a position of authority, Indira’s influence as a role model, in a profession that until recently was dominated by white males, is hard to overestimate,” her nominator wrote. “What doesn’t show in any aware or grade sheet is the hundreds of young women who come to her seeking advice about their lives, their careers, the obstacles they face and their hopes.”

Haak is a senior instructor in the department of chemistry. Her nominator said she has impacted a generation of Oregon school children as the outreach coordinator of Discovery Days, a huge science program for elementary school children. She works on family science and engineering nights, mentors science ambassadors, and has helped develop introductory science courses at the college level that help students succeed in general chemistry.


Margie Haak

“Through it all, Margie Haak is a role model for girls and women of all ages. Her matter-of-fact approach to science and chemistry demonstrates to all students the joys and possibilities of a career in the sciences,” her nominator wrote.

The OSU Women’s Center Student Leader awardees are Alejandra Sanchez, Lubna Khan, Kristina Schnell, Stephanie Grocke, Deepthika Ennamuri and Jennifer Lam.

The students stood out among nominees for their outstanding contributions of scholarship, leadership, and service in their lives including their time at OSU.

They excelled in course work, contributed to their field through research or published works, have taken on leadership roles in clubs or organizations and are trusted and dependable student workers in labs, departments, or elected offices.

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