OSU raises more than half a million pounds of food in annual drive

Winner with banana award

The College of Forestry has consistently raised the most in donations for the OSU Food Drive, and did so again this year. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Oregon State University has once again topped the ranks in the Governor’s State Employee Food Drive in February, leading the way among all of Oregon’s seven public universities. OSU employees raised the equivalent of 525, 547 pounds of food (a combination of financial and physical donations), which was more than double the amount of the nearest competitor, University of Oregon, which raised 198,909 pounds.

The amount was also 12,000 pounds more than the previous year’s total. During a celebration of the OSU Food Drive on April 8 in the Native American Longhouse on campus, President Ed Ray praised the effort on campus, which included 61 individual events to raise food and money.

He also pointed out that OSU research has shown that a high percentage of college students are ‘food insecure’ at some point in their college career.

“These findings have significant implications for student academic success, grade point averages, physical and emotional health and other issues, such as future employment,” Ray said. “Contrary to concerns about obesity and the “the freshman 15,” another reality is that many students simply are not getting enough healthy food to eat.”

The reality of food insecurity is one of the reasons the food drive is so important to the OSU community, Ray said.

“Your efforts are a true testament to how much can be accomplished when we all come together for a common goal.”


Susan James of the Linn-Benton Food Share thanks OSU for their contributions. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Susan James of Linn-Benton Food Share said she’s seen a steady stream of volunteers from OSU over the 14 years she’s worked with the nonprofit.

“There are an awful lot of people you’re serving.”

The following are the unit awards for this year’s OSU Food Drive :

Off Campus

First Place: Hatfield Marine Science Center (3,752 by 19 lbs.)

Second Place: Extension Service, Wallowa County (3,723 lbs.)

Third Place: Extension Service, Linn County (1,896 lbs.)

Student Organization

First Place: University Honors College (6,422 lbs.)

Second Place: Enactus (2,530 lbs.)

Team 1: 1-20 Employees

First Place: 6th Floor, Kerr Administration (13,120 lbs.)

Second Place: School of Language, Culture and Society (7,629 lbs)

Third Place: NROTC, Naval Science (3,909 lbs.)

Team 2: 21-50 Employees

First Place: Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biophysics (16,373 lbs.)

Second Place: Recreation Sports (7,629 lbs.)

Third Place: OSU Chancellor’s Office (3,909 lbs.)

Team 3: 51-100 Employees

First Place: Botany and Plant Pathology (29,176 lbs.)

Second Place: Business Affairs (10,936 lbs.)

Third Place: Integrative Biology (10,473 lbs.)

Team 4: 101+ Employees

First Place: College of Forestry (65,060 lbs.)

Second Place: OSU Foundation (44,940 lbs.)

Third Place: College of Veterinary Medicine (40,992 lbs.)

The Share Your Lunch Outstanding Achievement Award: College of Forestry.

The Hunger Hero Award: Enactus.

Outstanding Drive Coordinators Award: Traci Melton from University Housing and Dining Services and Rena Thayer from The College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

The Bumper Crop Award: OSU Research Office.

Outside the Barrel Award: Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

Behind the Scenes Award: Justin Fleming from the Motor Pool and Pete LePre from Campus Recycling.

~ Theresa Hogue

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