Underraduate research proposals receive funding

The URISC: Start Review Team is pleased to announce the awards for the Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity (URISC): Start Winter 2011-12 solicitation.

The following proposals have been selected for funding:

·Bayles, Jordan [Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering, University Honors College] (Faculty Project Advisor: Nathan Gibson, Dept. of Mathematics, College of Science): “A Polynomial Chaos-Based Method for the Continuous Spectrum Biphasic Poroviscoelastic Model of Articular Cartilage”

·Bernert, Ann [Major: BioResource Research, University Honors College] (Faculty Project Advisor: Ramesh Sagili, Dept. of Horticulture, College of Agricultural Sciences): “Investigating Beneficial Gut Microflora of Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.)”

·Rickard, Leeandra [Major: Zoology] (Faculty Project Advisor: Sujaya Rao, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science, College of Agricultural Sciences): “Investigating Factors Affecting Egg Hatch: Improving Populations of OSU BugZoo Outreach Insects”

·Vallee, Erin [Major: Microbiology/BioResource Research] (Faculty Project Advisor: Aleksandra Sikora, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy): “The Role of Novel Proteases in Vibrio cholera Physiology”

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