Two OSU employees honored with ‘Our Hero’ award

Karren Cholewinski was presented with the PFLA'’s “Our Hero” award.

Two Oregon State University professional faculty members have recently been honored with the PFLA (Professional Faculty Leadership Association)’s “Our Hero” award. Karren Cholewinski, assistant to the Director of Administrative Services and the Director of Budget and Fiscal Planning, for Finance and Administration, and Terralyn Vandetta, Unix administrator for Forest Computing Resources, were both presented with awards and flowers this month by members of PFLA.

Cholewinski is known to be unfailingly friendly and helpful to all she meets. She is considered a tireless worker and no task is too big or small for her to tackle. Currently, she is working for three top-level management officers, two directors and a vice provost.

Her nominator says, “Her positive attitude is an inspiration to us all in how to handle the shifting tides at OSU with grace and dignity.”

“Karren is a hero to everyone who knows her.”

Vandetta has been instrumental in creating a secured website that allows faculty to review graduate applications and participate in virtual conversations without having a physical meeting about it.  They are now also able to view application documents on line without having to pull the physical files from the office.

Terralyn Vandetta was awarded the PFLA Our Hero award.

In addition, Terralyn is involved in every aspect of the College of Forestry’s food drive.  Her annual commitment and dedication to the food drive effort on campus has led to the college raising more funds and food than any other on campus, several years in a row.

A nominator says, “She is very responsive to any requests and follows up in a very timely manner.  Her customer service skills are exceptional and she is always willing to help.”

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