OSU Solar Vehicle Team competes in eight-day race

The Phoenix, OSU's solar powered competition vehicle. (contributed photo)

Oregon State University’s Solar Vehicle Team was awarded the “Spirit of the Rayce” award during the American Solar Challenge, a race that took place last week. The OSU team’s vehicle, The Phoenix, finished sixth place in the challenge and fifth place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix. The vehicle traveled from Rochester, N.Y. to St. Paul, MN in an eight-day race.

The Phoenix crossed the finish line Saturday at the St. Paul, Minnesota capitol, finishing in 6th place in the American Solar Challenge and 5th place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix! The Phoenix traveled eight states in eight days, from Rochester, NY, to St. Paul, MN.

Oregon State was the first team to pass inspection during the race, and spent the remaining time assisting other teams. As a result, the OSU Solar Vehicle Team was awarded the “Spirit of the Rayce” award, which recognizes OSU as representing the spirit solar car racing: overcoming hardships, good sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and making a well-engineered car.

The OSU Solar Vehicle Team (contributed photo)

Additionally, the award was given to OSU after they put out a battery fire for the Illinois State University team. Illinois State was able to save half of their battery pack and continue to race after repairs.

OSU co-captain Hai-Yue Han was given the “Individual Spirit of the Rayce” award in recognition of his assistance to other teams and officials.  He spent his time helping with engineering, welding, and construction


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