OSU extends contract with PepsiCo through June 2020

Oregon State University has extended its campus exclusive contract with PepsiCo through June 30, 2020, and as part of the extension, revenue shares for the university will increase 59 percent.

Procurement and Contract Services worked with OSU contract stakeholders to identify areas where the contract could be improved. Negotiations resulted in a contract extension that not only increased the revenue share, but also included new provisions to benefit a variety of campus groups, including a new student scholarship fund, an investment in sustainable ventures, and a fall term student event, all paid for by PepsiCo.

A variety of PepsiCo products pictured. OSU has extended its contract with PepsiCo through June 30, 2020.

“OSU has experienced exceptional service from Pepsi, and the company’s willingness to invest both in our sustainability ventures and in student scholarships is a significant commitment,” said Brian Thorsness, OSU’s director of Business Services Administration. “We have found Pepsi to be a responsive campus partner since we first signed with them in 2005.”

The extended contract includes:

  • A $35,000 investment in student scholarships for the general fund to be given out through the life of the contract;
  • A back-to-school fall event, which will be planned by students at the Memorial Union Planning Council. Currently OSU has a Battle of the Bands concert at the end of spring term. Thorsness said this new Pepsi-sponsored event would give students a way to kick-off the new school year;
  • Better coordination between OSU Athletics, University Marketing and PepsiCo to brand signature sporting events;
  • An additional $203,000 in investments in sustainable ventures, including additional bottle recycling receptacles near every campus vending machine.

Questions regarding the contract can be directed to Thorsness, brian.thorsness@oregonstate.edu or Kelly Kozisek, kelly.kozisek@oregonstate.edu.

~ Angela Yeager

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