OSU’s Stacey Edwards awarded $15,000 for anti-smoking campaign research

Stacey Edwards

Stacey Edwards, health educator at the Oregon State University Department of Student Health Services, has received a $15,000 grant from the American Thoracic Society Foundation/American Lung Association in Oregon. The award will provide funding for her project “Reducing Non-daily Smoking among OSU Students.”

Edwards spearheaded the recent Smoke-Free OSU project, which took effect Sept. 1, and prohibits anyone from smoking on the OSU campus. Implementation of the project took more than a year and involved multiple partnerships with other campus entities to bring about.

Edwards’ new project focuses on non-daily smokers, that is, smokers who do not smoke on a regular basis, and who sometimes do not even identify as smokers, making them harder to target with smoking cessation messages. Edwards and her team will develop a marketing and education campaign at OSU that targets this group of students who smoke with the aim to reduce smoking through cessation.

The grant is supported through a partnership between the ATS Foundation and American Lung Association-Oregon.

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