New public policy faculty has international focus

Oregon State University has a brand new batch of faculty this year, arriving from all corners of the globe, and bringing with them impressive resumes and an enthusiasm for their role as OSU professors. We asked some of the 80 new faces to tell us a little bit more about themselves, their work, and why they chose OSU as their new academic home.

Todd Pugatch
Assistant Professor of Economics
School of Public Policy

Todd Pugatch

Todd Pugatch can’t deny that the rich outdoor opportunities provided by living in the Mid Valley helped draw him to OSU, but more importantly, he says the university’s balance between research and teaching held strong appeal.

“Plus, the opportunity to work with great colleagues was a strong draw,” Pugatch said.

A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Pugatch’s areas of interest lie in labor markets, education and migration in developing countries. His international focus fits well within the new School of Public Policy.

“I’m excited to become involved in the international policy track in the Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) program,” he said, “and hope to be involved in the Public Policy Ph.D. program when it begins as well.”

Pugatch is currently looking at the effect of Mexican immigration on US labor markets, and says he and his co-author are taking a very data-driven approach.

“We look for “natural experiments” that shift immigrant populations around the country in ways that allow us to isolate their economic effects,” he said. While the work is national in scale, it can easily be applied to Oregon’s economy as well.

Pugatch starts teaching next term, and will be offering courses in labor economics and public policy analysis. Eventually he’ll also be taking on graduate student advising.

While winter in Oregon may curtail Pugatch’s love for softball, he’ll keep busy watching the latest news of his hometown team, the Boston Red Sox.

~ Theresa Hogue



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