Top students honored at annual ceremony

The annual All-University Student Recognition Awards and Reception took place Wednesday, May 25 in the Memorial Union ballroom on campus. During the event, some of OSU’s most outstanding students were honored for their accomplishments. The finalists were selected by a committee of OSU staff and faculty.

Among the students recognized during the event were:

Mark Hall: Robert MacVicar Exceptional Service Award
Shannon Brown: Mortar Board Kate Jameson Award
Josh Gannon and Levi Downey: E.C. Allworth Leadership Award
Sophie Wilson: E.C. Allworth Cultural Awareness Leadership Award
Madison Parker: Michael J. Palmer Award
Natasha Mackey and Malaya Lualhati: Provost’s Literary Prize
Neha Neelwarne: Clara L. Simerville Award
Laura Cristal Magana: Grace Wu Memorial Award

Additionally, winners of the Waldo-Cummings Outstanding Student Awards, the Drucilla Shepard-Smith Scholastic Awards and OSU Presidential Scholars were recognized at the event.

3 Responses to “Top students honored at annual ceremony”

  1. Bob Ehrhart, Rangeland says:

    It would have been helpful had you listed the Waldo-Cummings award winners or at least posted a site to which one could go. I have been wandering around OSU’s web site for ten minutes and have been unable to find names.

  2. says:

    There were around 60 students who received those awards, making it a bit lengthy to list in the story. To my knowledge the list of award winners has not been posted anywhere. If you wish to see the list of winners I can forward you the script, which is the only document I have that includes the names.

  3. CLA says:

    Will you please edit the webpage to include the full 80 name list of those recognized at the award ceremony? This seems like important information and it’s easy for web users to scroll down the page to see, even if its at the bottom before these comments.