Textbook price comparison now available at bookstore

The OSU Beaver Store has announced the addition of textbook price comparisons on its website osubeaverstore.com. The website now displays the store’s new, used, digital format and rental prices for all required and optional course materials in comparison to a variety of online retailers and marketplaces, including Amazon.com. OSU students benefit from having a single trusted source to identify their textbook needs, along with the ability to easily select from top retailers to get the best value.

“OSU students like their 10 percent textbook discount at the OSU Beaver Store, but some may still be under the impression that prices are always lower at other online retailers. Improved price transparency will provide a clearer picture of the value we deliver to students,” said Steve Eckrich, OSU Beaver Store CEO.

James Howard, Academic Materials Manager, points out that while the store’s prices are extremely competitive, price is not the only reason to buy from the nonprofit campus store. “Students can trust that a purchase from the OSU Beaver Store is the correct book and edition for their course, is available more quickly in-store, and has in-store return privileges that don’t require shipping,” said Howard.

In addition to the new online price comparisons, the OSU Beaver Store has an App for both Apple and Android called “Sell Books OSU” that enables students to use their smartphone’s camera to check the price the store is paying to buy their used books. “Our company’s mission is to serve OSU students, and we’re always working to get more information into their hands,” said Howard.

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