Student athletes head to Macedonia to build a house

A group of Oregon State University student athletes and alums will be traveling to Macedonia on June 12 to help build a house for a family of five. The “Beavers Without Borders” group, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, will be embarking on the journey with international experience already under their belt.

The first “Beavers Without Borders” trip took place over Spring Break, when a group of student athletes traveled to Guatemala to build a house for a family of nine in six days.

This time they’ll be traveling to southeastern Europe to experience a different culture and aid a family in need in Skopje, Macedonia. The trip will emphasize teamwork and philanthropy.

A group of student-athletes also are fundraising for the third Beavers Without Borders trip – during the 2011 Christmas break – to Cambodia to assist with the construction of a hospital. Also, the group is in the planning stages for a group to go to Tuscaloosa and Joplin.

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