OSU Libraries announces resident scholars for 2011

The OSU Libraries Special Collections has named four individuals as Resident Scholars for the 2011-2012 academic year. Recipients hail from as far away as Maine and Brazil, and will be utilizing a wide array of resources as they conduct research in Special Collections.

Chris Gray is a faculty member with The Union Institute and University and a lecturer at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He is the author of Postmodern War (1997), Cyborg Citizen (2001) and Peace, War and Computers (2005), among other works. His project is an examination of the political and social implications of contemporary evolutionary theory. He plans to use components of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers as well as the Paul Lawrence Farber Papers.

Christopher O’Brien is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Maine, Farmington. Dr. O’Brien will be using the History of Atomic Energy Collection and the Pauling Papers to study the effect on children of the Cold War nuclear build-up. O’Brien’s research will be conducted in support of a forthcoming monograph on the subject.

Graciela de Souza Oliver is a faculty member at the Universidade Federal do ABC in Santo Andre, Brazil, where she lectures on the social history of Brazilian science and technology, agricultural history, and other areas. Dr. Oliver will use the Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues and various monographs and dissertations held in the History of Science Collection. Her project focuses on the “visual and textual elements of advertisement and trade in plants and seeds, in view of the relationship between amateurs and science professionals.”

Linda Richards is a Ph. D. candidate in the History of Science at Oregon State University. Her ongoing research for her dissertation compares the development of radiation health safety at Atoms for Peace research reactors with the experience of uranium mining workers and communities. She plans to utilize components of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers as she continues researching this topic.

The Resident Scholar Program, sponsored by Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections and supported by the Peter and Judith Freeman Fund, awards stipends of up to $2,500 per month, renewable up to three months, for a total maximum grant award of $7,500. To date, six researchers have carried out studies under the auspices of the program, traveling to Corvallis from as far away as Kentucky, New York and Germany.

For more information on the Resident Scholar Program, see http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/specialcollections/residentscholar.html

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