Linus Pauling Institute participates in relay to raise awareness, funds

The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University studies the roles and functions of vitamins and essential minerals and other dietary factors in health and disease. Its mission is to help people achieve a healthy and productive life.

And what better way to model that mission than by walking that talk.

“A healthful diet and regular exercise are critical parts of a healthy lifestyle,” said Balz Frei, director of LPI. “Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight, lowers blood pressure, promotes heart health, staves off diabetes and certain cancers, and keeps your mind sharp.”

That’s the inspiration behind LPI’s participation in this year’s Cascade Lakes Relay, a 216-mile relay run in August that goes from Diamond Lake Resort to NorthWest Crossing in Bend.

The “Powered by Oranges” running team from LPI will be promoting the fundamental principles of the Institute’s “Rx for Health”, which is a list of evidence-based recommendations for optimum health. Participants also will use the relay to raise money to support LPI programs. Their goal is $7,000, with Frei hoping to personally raise another $10,000. He’s already secured several donors who are contributing money for every mile he runs during training.

While much of the research at LPI is funded through large grants from the National Institutes of Health and other granting agencies, they also rely on the support of donors to make innovative research possible that may result in large grant submissions. Gifts provide the opportunity for LPI to accelerate the Institute’s progress by focusing their donations to equip and supply laboratory space, recruit additional faculty researchers required to strategically advance the goals of the Institute’s Healthy Aging and Cancer Chemoprotection Programs, and attract more outstanding graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

“One of our fundraising team goals was to have 100 percent participation from everyone in LPI,” Frei said. “We have already achieved this goal, which sends a strong message to outside constituents that all of us associated with the Institute are committed to the fundamental principles of LPI’s Rx for Health.”

As a way to prepare, several Powered by Oranges teammates participated in the inaugural Corvallis Half Marathon in April. LPI was the title sponsor for the event.

One of the event’s goals was to educate a younger demographic about LPI’s work. To that end, they’ve created a multi-faceted social media approach to reach those ages 20 to 50, which is typically younger than most of LPI’s donors.

Their new Facebook page has already gained 160 followers, and features health tips from the Institute as well as updates on the team’s progress. They’ve also created a Linkedin and Twitter .

The OSU community is invited to participate, either as donors or as fundraisers. Visit the fundraising page at and create your own personal fundraising page by clicking on “Become a Fundraiser” at the top of the page.

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