Laurie Solum named by PFLA as ‘Our Hero’

Linda Devenow of PFLA presents Laurie Solum with the PFLA 'Our Hero' Award. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Laurie Solum was honored with the university’s “Our Heroes” Award on March 17. The award, sponsored by the Professional Faculty Leadership Association, recognizes OSU colleagues or groups for excellence in their work and outstanding service to others.

Solum is the Business Center Manager of the University Administrative Business Center (UABC). She is known by her team as a tireless leader who always has OSU’s mission in mind as well as the success of the UABC and all her staff members.

One nominator said “She is always finding ways to be more efficient and to better meet the needs of the customers we serve.”

Solum is committed to having fun in the workplace, but doesn’t hesitate to have tough conversations when necessary. She doesn’t like to take credit for her hard work but prefers to let others shine.

Solum received a certificate and flowering plant from a group of PFLA members to honor her outstanding work. Additionally, her office staff surprised her with a party in her honor.

~ Theresa Hogue

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