Family Friendly Faculty award

Childcare and Family Resources has awarded the Department of Geosciences with the 2011 Family Friendly Faculty Award.

The Family Friendly Faculty Award is given to a faculty or staff member that has provided exemplary support to an OSU student parent; furthering the students’ success at OSU and beyond. Support may come in the form of mentoring and encouragement as well as accommodations made in and out of the classroom to remove barriers to success and elevate the campus awareness of students with children.

Originally designed for one recipient, the Student/Parent Advisory Board received such an overwhelming volume of nominations for faculty and staff from the Department of Geosciences that they chose to award it to the entire department.

The Department of Geosciences has gone the extra distance to help students with families be successful in and outside of the classroom.  Faculty and staff act as an additional support to students, accommodating family needs while holding the same standards as traditional students.  The faculty and staff value and encourage strong family relationship.

Faculty and staff encourage students to take time in their academic careers to enjoy time with family. This year the department held a Geosciences Spring Picnic, a family friendly event, providing students, families, faculty and staff an opportunity to eat, play games and enjoy the day together.  Events that geosciences hold create a family-like environment for students and their families, fostering strong relationships with the department.

In addition to outstanding faculty and staff, the department of geosciences has an extremely helpful, passionate and family loving office staff that creates a warm, welcoming environment for students and their families.

Support from faculty and staff is integral to the success of students with children, and its departments such as the geosciences serving as a model that will change the culture and climate for all families on our campus.

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