Diane Davis is this month’s PFLA “Our Hero” award winner

Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul hugs award recipient Diane Davis. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

Diane Davis, Coordinator of Healthy Campus Initiatives at Oregon State University, was honored Tuesday with the April PFLA (Professional Faculty Leadership Association)’s “Our Hero” award. Davis was honored for always looking out for ways in which she can support, encourage and assist her colleagues and students at OSU.

According to Mirabelle Fernandes-Paul in the Office for Women’s Advancement and Gender Equity, anyone who meets Davis is immediately put at ease.

“Her manner of communication is always non-judgmental, compassionate and inclusive,” Fernandes-Paul said. “Anyone who meets Diane is quick to feel comfortable around her. She also delivers what she promises and hence she has earned great trust among colleagues.”

Davis is also known for sacrificing her own time in order to help others around campus.

“She treats everyone she meets with respect, gentleness and kindness. Her style of leadership is transformational,” Fernandes-Paul said. “She will steer your heart and mind to places of generosity, compassion and wisdom without you even realizing it. She is a great inspiration to those who work with her.”

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