Powered by oranges

Jordan Eaton, a freshman majoring in nutrition, places an orange in a large MS sculpture on the lawn of the MU Quad Monday morning. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

The Memorial Union Quad was powered by oranges Monday morning, as students, staff and faculty placed 7,000 oranges into the shape of a giant MS on the lawn. The event was sponsored by the OSU Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club, and honored the 7,000 Oregonians diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Michelle Tashima and Wendy Allison of the MS Society of Oregon were out helping the students with the project, which is the first of its kind held on an Oregon campus.

“We chose OSU since they’re already doing the Powered by Orange campaign,” Allison said. Since the MS Society’s signature color is orange, the event was the perfect match for OSU. It kicks off MS Awareness Week, which is March 8 – 14.

The oranges, which were donated by United Salad out of Portland, were used for the display until noon, at which time they were handed out to passers by as a healthy afternoon snack.

Kim Olson, an undergraduate in Public Health Promotion, helped coordinate the event as part of a course she was taking on health promotion.

“It’s working really well,” she said of the event. “We just told (volunteers) to wear our Beaver colors.”

To find out more about MS, go to http://www.nationalmssociety.org/chapters/ORC/index.aspx

Oranges spell out MS in the MU Quad Monday to honor Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. (photo: Theresa Hogue)

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