New Prius electric car available for test drive

Four lucky Corvallis residents – including at least one person affiliated with OSU, are needed to help test-drive a new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle this summer.

Toyota Electric Prius

Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. is bringing 150 brand new Prius Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles to the United States this summer to determine how drivers will use and re-charge the cars. One car will be stationed in Corvallis for one year, starting July 2010.  Toyota is looking for four Corvallis residents age 21 and over, including at least one OSU affiliate, to participate.  A check-in and check-out process will facilitate each two-month driving cycle.  Randomly selected drivers will use the vehicles as they would their personal vehicles.

During the year, selected drivers will be assigned the demo car for two months at a time.This new car will not be available for sale in the U.S. until 2012. The car will be serviced locally and be under warranty. A check-in and check-out process will facilitate each driving cycle.

If you are a Corvallis resident and would like to be considered for a sixty-day driving cycle, please fill out the on-line form.

Entry deadline is July 5. Winners will be selected by random drawing at the da Vinci Days festival on July 17. For more information and to enter, visit–tech/prius-plug-in-hybrid-electric-vehicles- For more information, contact Charlie Tomlinson, (541) 758-4090 or Brandon Trelstad, (541) 737-3307.

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