Library undergraduate research awardees

The OSU Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards recognizes and rewards OSU students who, through the comprehensive use of the OSU Libraries, demonstrate outstanding research, scholarship and originality in writing a paper.

This year’s winners are: Robinson D. Taylor, psychology major, for his paper Processing Facial Emotion: Can it Occur without Attention? Mr. Taylor’s paper, written for Psychology 301: Research Methods, used the existing literature on facial emotion and attention to design his own experiment. In his application Mr. Taylor wrote that his experiment was designed “to test whether emotional faces would have higher reaction times to a simple test when compared to neutral faces.”

Our second winner is Douglas Schulte, history major, for his paper How the West Was Won; An Investigation of the Rise and Evolution of the Cowboy as an American Popular Culture Icon. In Mr. Schulte’s paper, written for History 407: Seminar: American Pop Culture and Social Change, he examines how cowboys have been portrayed through print media, radio, film, and television.

Both papers have been added to ScholarsArchive@OSU: Robinson Taylor’s paper at: Douglas Schulte’s paper at: These two students will be honored at a formal ceremony to be held Thursday, April 22 at The Valley Library.  The awards are sponsored by the OSU Libraries Advisory Council.  For more information visit: .

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