Barzar honored with “Our Heroes” award

Cheryl Lyons of Printing and Mailing congratulates Donnie Barzar, who is a transporter for Printing and Mailing. (photo: Larry Pribyl)

Donnie Barzar was honored with the university’s “Our Heroes” Award on Dec. 9. The award, sponsored by the Professional Faculty Leadership Association, recognizes OSU colleagues or groups for excellence in their work and outstanding service to others.

Barzar is transporter for Printing and Mailing Services. He was recognized for his excellent customer service and for providing a positive image of Printing and Mailing around campus.

According to his nominators, he always follows up on questions or concerns expressed by customers, and makes sure to find the answer to their questions, or tracks down someone who can provide assistance.

A customer contacted his supervisor, Cheryl Lyons, to give Barzar praise. “I’m not sure I’ve met someone with a deeper commitment to positivity. He has adopted that as a personal mantra, and lives it.”

Barzar received a certificate and a Christmas cactus from a group of PFLA members to honor his outstanding work.

2 Responses to “Barzar honored with “Our Heroes” award”

  1. Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning says:

    Donnie recently introduced himself to me while I was picking up office mail in Kerr. He and I had greeted each other previously and shared a sentiment or two. It is always a delight to see Donnie as he is so positive and can bring a smile to your face even on the grayest of days.

  2. Chemistry Department says:

    Donnie is amazing. He’s professional yet still manages to always put a smile on the face to the staff when he comes in. It’s great he’s being recognized for showing such devotion to his career. Congratulations Donnie!