Science Pub Corvallis returns in September with Roger Ely

Imagine a future where automobiles are powered by hydrogen generated from algae, sewage and other organic matter, a future in which harmful emissions once produced by America’s ever-expanding car culture are a thing of the past. Sound too good to be true?

That future is edging closer to reality through the work of multiple laboratories at Oregon State University, which earlier this year was named one of several academic partners in the federal Energy Frontier Research Center, a $777-million initiative to create breakthrough technologies for a 21st-century energy economy.  Conquering the various obstacles that stand between current science and a hydrogen-powered future is no small challenge, but OSU researchers have charted a long and growing list of important advances in this area and are partnering with top scientists elsewhere on the leading edge of this field.

Scientist Roger Ely will speak to this topic on Sept. 14 at Science Pub Corvallis, held from 6 to 8 p.m. at Old World Deli, 341 S.W. Second St., Corvallis. Ely is among OSU’s leaders in the development of hydrogen power. An associate professor of biological and ecological engineering, he holds three degrees from OSU and is a former faculty member at Yale and the University of Idaho. His work is funded by, among others, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Dept. of Energy, and has resulted in dozens of professional presentations and peer-reviewed publications. His presentation will focus not only on hydrogen power, but will include an eye-opening overview of the magnitude of the energy challenges we collectively face.

Science Pub Corvallis is free and open to the public. Audience members are encouraged to come early to find a seat and grab some dinner.
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