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Life@OSU is about revealing the fun and unexpected about folks at Oregon State. Sometimes we learn about a hobby or surprising personal interest, while other times we reveal a facet of a person’s work life that we never would have known.

One way to learn more about or colleagues is to read what they say about themselves – and there’s no better way to do that than to check out their blogs

A broken toe is just one of the things Scott Lommers has dealt with as a racer. (contributed photo)

A broken toe is just one of the things Scott Lommers has dealt with as a racer. (contributed photo)

We’re introducing an ongoing profile of bloggers at Oregon State University, all submitted by the bloggers themselves or their friends and coworkers.

We’re starting with Scott Lommers, a purchasing analyst at OSU. Lommers, 42, lives in Corvallis with his family, and is a passionate blogger who focuses on his love of running.

His blog, “The Two Rs” is frequently updated, and features lots of great race-related photography and insightful commentary on what it takes to participate in local races, including some of the less-than-glamorous after-effects, such as breaking toes.

Lommers isn’t afraid to share humorous and often self-deprecating anecdotes, like relating the downside of being a 40-something working out with college-age students.
He also picks a “Best running song of the month” to help motivate other runners.

Lommers was born and raised in Washington State, but moved to Corvallis last September when he started working with Business Services in the procurement and contract services division.
He has been married for 16 years to fellow blogger and artist Jennifer Lommers. They have two children, Payton, 10 and Carson, 6.

Lommers is a writer for RaceCenter Northwest Magazine, and competes in both triathlons and road races. His next race is the Sacramento Cowtown Half-Marathon on Oct. 4.

Check out his work at

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