Art faculty exhibit showcases talented crew

The Oregon State University Art Faculty Exhibit opened June 18 in Fairbanks Gallery on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon. A closing reception will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 7.*couple

This exhibit demonstrates a broad diversity of styles and approaches to the making of art. Harrison Branch exhibits a beautiful platinum-palladium photographic print with beautiful soft tonal qualities that only this alternative process can produce. His work is counter-point to the digitally manipulated figurative work of Felicia Phillips, rich in tone and mezzotint like texture, with reconstructed fragments and spatial layers.

Paintings by Sandy Brooke, Kathleen Caprario, and Stephen Hayes, show work in a variety of styles and in various media of oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Kay Campbell continues in a series of work dealing with thorny issues and which has moved from mixed media to serigraphy. Jim Folts presents a pair of ink-jet photographs, crystalline in his signature mastery of digital photography.

Graphic designers Christine Gallagher and Andrea Marks contribute four pieces that speak of lettering, design, and conceptual concepts.
Mark’s work, “Basel Book” is a book design built with collage of schedules, tickets, and print memorabilia, which she collected while in Basel, Switzerland.

Julie Green brings four prints that were published by the famed Lawrence Litho Workshop, and which show case her quirkiness, humor, and unique drawing abilities.

Yuji Hiratsuka is one of the northwest’s prized printmakers, and his “TriumpFigure”, an intaglio, relief, and Chine collé print reveals his colorist talent in a rare reduction intaglio process. Stephen Hayes oil, “River to Lake” provides insight to this Portland artist’s love of nature, his innate feeling for the power of stillness, and the emotional resonance of color.

Shelley Jordon’s three short videos include “Family History” which won the “Silver Coyote, Critic’s Choice Award” at the Gold Coyote Super Short Film Festival in Marylhurst in May of 2009. Family History is an animated painting that explores the quixotic nature of memory and how each new experience is filtered through our perceptions of previous ones. *Family History (still)

John Maul’s rapturous “Wings” is an eight-foot wood and encaustic sculpture that typifies his broad-range experimental use of material, based in his esthetic of clean design, glowing color, and the smell of sweet beeswax. It is rivaled in scale by Andrew Myers’ larger than life charcoal figure, drawn on cut and sewn paper and pinned directly to the wall. Myers’ work was previously featured in “Art in America”, and he continue to impress viewers with his bold compositions and confident drawing ability.

Douglas Russell has included a small plein-air painting, “The Edge”, a golden grass meadow interlaced with oranges and blues, and boarded by a dark line of trees diminishing into the distant mountain range.

“The edge,” says Russell, is in reference to the landscape, and also to the blending where colors come together, a detail that painters often relish.

Fairbanks Gallery is located in Fairbanks Hall, at the corner of Jefferson Way and College Drive on the OSU campus. Gallery hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Due to reduced staffing in the summer months, unexpected closures may sometimes occur. The exhibit closes after the closing reception on Oct. 7.

~ Douglas Russell

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