Oregon State University

Summary of Research Program

The long term goals of our nuclear chemistry research group are:

         Searching for new phenomena at the limits of nuclear stability.

         Studying the dynamics and thermodynamics of colliding nuclei.

In support of these goals, we are pursuing, or have recently pursued, the following research:

         The study of fusion enhancement/hindrance with neutron-rich radioactive projectiles (in reactions that are relevant for the synthesis of new heavy nuclei).

         The study of fusion enhancement with halo nuclei and other exotic nuclei.

         Determination of the survival probability of hot heavy nuclei.

         The study of the inverse fission of uranium

         The study of the fusion probability, PCN, in the synthesis of the heaviest nuclei.

         The study of fission neutron multiplicities in the fission of actinides.

         The atomic physics and chemistry of the heaviest elements.

         The production of nuclei far from stability.

         Actinide target preparation for other research groups



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Last Update: September 9, 2007