Oregon State University

Science and Mathematics Education Department


Requirements for

Collegiate Mathematics Education Option


This option is designed for individuals preparing to become mathematics education specialists within a collegiate mathematics department.  Hour totals listed in each category constitute minimum values.


Mathematics Competency requirements:

Students in the Collegiate Mathematics Education Option must complete an Oregon State University M.S. degree in Mathematics (not mathematics education) or demonstrate equivalent mathematical competency.    Students transferring to OSU with a Master’s degree in mathematics from another institution can demonstrate this competency by either

a)     passing OSU’s written graduate qualifying examinations  in mathematics, or

b)    successfully completing  (grade of B or higher) each of the following courses: 

MTH 511, 512, 543, 611


Major Area requirements:  Mathematics Education

Professional graduate coursework

The specific graduate courses used to complete the Major Area requirements for the Collegiate Mathematics Education Option are approved by the student’s major advisor and OSU’s coordinator of collegiate mathematics education.  The Major Area coursework must provide evidence of basic professional competencies in educational research design, mathematics curriculum and instruction, learning theories, assessment and evaluation.

Examples of appropriate SED courses satisfying Major Area competencies:

SED 611, 612, 613, 621, 622, 623 (these 3-credit courses include review of literature, qualitative and quantitative research design, research and evaluation project), SED 588 (3) Mathematics Curriculum, SED 595 (3) Assessment and Evaluation, SED 596 (3) College Teaching Methods

36 hours

Other graduate courses elected to complete the Major Area requirements

may be selected from, but not limited to: technology, history and/or philosophy of mathematics, history and/or philosophy of education, sociology, human development, psychology, anthropology, or free-choice/non-formal learning.



Research Competency   St 511 (4) and 512 (4) or equivalent

  8 hours


36 hours

Minor Area requirements: Mathematics


The Minor Area for the Mathematics College Teaching Option is mathematics. 

The Minor Area requirements normally include graduate mathematics coursework that meets the competency requirements described above

(for example, earning an M.S. degree in Mathematics at OSU).

30 hours

Minimum Total

110 hours

Questions should be directed to the Thomas Dick, Coordinator of Collegiate Mathematics Education,

Mathematics Department, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 97331, Phone: (541) 737-1570,

Fax: (541) 737-0517, E-mail: tpdick@math.oregonstate.edu