This page provides access to weather data from two different weather stations located at the OSU-MCAREC, the NOAA 7-day forecast for the OSU-MCAREC, and an online degree-day calculator.

Official NOAA weather station for Hood River:  this is a manually read station which is maintained according to NOAA standards.  Data are recorded daily and updated to the webpage weekly.  Available data include Max and Min temperature and precipitation data for the previous 12-month period. Archived data is available from the Oregon Climate Service (click on recent daily data under Quick Links and then choose Zone 6).

Agrimet weather station for Hood River:  this station reports near-real-time data on a fifteen minute interval and is accessible through a NOAA hosted webpage.

Near-real-time and archived data for this station and other Agrimet stations located in the Hood River Valley are available from Agrimet

Data from this weather station and other stations located throughout the Hood River Valley can be used to run degree-day models for orchard pests and diseases.  For information on using the degree-day models, email Steve Castagnoli or call 541.386.3343.   

NOAA weather forecast for Hood River

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