Visitor Policy

Welcome to OSU MCAREC.  We are committed to making your visit a safe and healthy visit and to ensure the integrity of our research.  Therefore, we ask that you:

  1. Log in:  All visits to MCAREC will start at the main office reception desk where the visitor will sign the visitor’s log.  If you will be entering the orchard unaccompanied by an employee from MCAREC, you will be issued a visitor's badge.  Please make sure your badge is visible or you may be asked to leave or return to the office to check in. 
  2. Rules of Conduct:  All visitors will obey the following rules of conduct at all times.
    1. Don’t touch or attempt to operate any machine, device or equipment.
    2. Report all injuries or problems immediately to your host or staff at the main office reception area.
    3. Do not touch, pick or remove any fruit, vegetation or trees.
  3. Log out:  Visitors must return to the main office reception desk to log out and return your badge before leaving the Center.
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