David M. Gibeaut

David Gibeaut

Dr. David M. Gibeaut, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Horticulture

Ph.D., Botany, University of California Riverside

B.S., Botany, Ohio State University

Phone:  541.386.2030 ext. 38225      
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Cell wall chemistry and biosynthesis, growth and development, physiology, cell biology, biotechnology

Description of Research

I am working with Todd Einhorn, assistant professor of horticulture, to improve the year to year yield and quality of sweet cherry. My research will develop and apply microscopy and flow cytometry techniques to qualify and quantify stages of sweet cherry fruit ontogeny.  We will assess the effects of crop load in genetically large and small cultivars and the effect of timing and rate of GA and GA-containing products on cherry fruit growth, final size and the possible effects of GA and cropload on the next year crop.  This research will directly support decisions regarding the timing of thinning practices by identifying the effective time-frame for fruit removal, prior to irreversible limitations to fruit size.



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Refereed Journals

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