Todd Einhorn

Todd Einhorn, Associate Professor, Horticulture
Ph.D., Pomology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Dissertation:  “Water relations of apple trees (Malus x domestica Borkh., cv. Gala)  under partial rootzone drying irrigation”
B.S., Horticulture Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Phone: 541.386.2030
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I am presently developing an applied research program in the area of tree fruit physiology, with priority given to sweet cherry and pear horticulture, and minor emphases placed on postharvest relations.  Major thematic areas are:  1) Increased production efficiency, 2) Yield security, 3) Fruit growth and development, and 4) Improvement of fruit quality.  These themes are closely linked to the environmental and economic sustainability of the tree fruit industry.



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