Postharvest Physiology

Dr. Yan Wang
Assistant Professor, Postharvest Physiology

Dr. Yu Dong
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Postharvest Physiology

Postharvest Physiology program research focuses on improving marketability and fruit quality of sweet cherry and European pear through postharvest chemical and non-chemical treatments, and the modification of temperature and atmospheric storage conditions.  Elucidating the role of horticultural practices, nutrition, and climatic factors on postharvest disorders and fruit quality is also important.  A fully automated  pear packing line facility resides at MCAREC, allowing post-harvest handling of experimental fruit to closely resemble commercial practices. Additionally, the ability to isolate individual components of the packing line and investigate their effects on fruit quality serves as a valuable research tool.

Current Projects:

  • Deliver 1-MCP treated European pears with predictable ripening capacity.
  • Identify factors affecting 1-MCP efficacy on Bartlett pears at commercial level.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of pears for long term storage and export.
  • Maximize benefits of wax coating application while minimize negative effects on pears.
  • Alternatives of ethoxyquin for controlling superficial scald of d'Anjou pears      
  • Ripening capacity of 'd'Anjou' pear: Ethylene and temperature conditioning
  • Extending storage/shipping life and assuring good arrival of sweet cherry.
  • Pre- and post-harvest factors affect sweet cherry fruit surface pitting resistance/susceptibility. 
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