The entomology program conducts research on arthropod (insects and mites) pests and their natural enemies that are found on pears, sweet cherries and apples in the Mid-Columbia fruit-growing district.

The overall goal of the entomology program is to develop and evaluate integrated pest management (IPM) programs for tree fruits that are less reliant on broad-spectrum pesticides and promote the use of newer, selective materials that are compatible with biological control.

Current Projects include:

  • Developing management plans for the spotted wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii, in cherry
  • Evaluating effects of insecticides and miticides on pests and their natural enemies of pome and stone fruits
  • Using herbivore induced plant volatiles (HIPV’s) to monitor and develop phenology models for key natural enemies of pear and sweet cherry insect pests
  • Measuring sublethal effects of pesticides on natural enemy biology and population growth