Faculty & Staff

Experiment Station Faculty & Staff


Administration & Farm Operations
Brian Tuck, Director
Preston Brown
, Facilities & Farm Manager
Ilea Bouse, Office Manager
Sonia Voigt, Office Specialist 2
Juan Rojas, Farm Foreman

Dr. Todd Einhorn, Associate Professor
Dr. David M. Gibeaut, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Horticulture

Postharvest Physiology
Dr. Yan Wang
, Assistant Professor, Postharvest Physiology

Dr. Yu Dong, Postdoctoral Research, Associate in Postharvest Physiology

Jiaming Guo, Ph.D., student Research in Postharvest Physiology

Dr. Shunchang Cheng , Postdoctoral Research of Postharvest Physiology

Extension Office Faculty & Staff


Steve Castagnoli, Extension Horticulture Faculty

Rachel Suits, EPA 2-Master Gardener/Small Farms

Glenn Ahrens, Extension Forestry and Natural Resources faculty for Clackamas, Marion, Hood River

Lauren Kraemer, Family Community Health Faculty, SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator

Anna Osborn, EPA 1-SNAP-Ed

Ann Harris, Mid-Columbia Area Open Campus Coordinator (Hood River, Wasco Counties)

Joanne Kiyokawa, Office Specialist 2

Debbie McDonald, Office Specialist 2

Adjunct & Emeritus Faculty
Bill Braunworth, Department Head, Horticulture
Paul Chen, Horticulture, Emeritus Appointment
Lynn Long, Wasco County Extension Service
Robert Spotts, Plant Pathology, Emeritus Appointment
Dr. Helmut Riedl, Professor Emeritus