Living with Wildfire

Wildfire in Oregon - Fire is a natural part of our environment. Yet, with more people living near wildlands, there is a greater change of loss of life and damage to natural resources. Learn ways homeowners need to prepare for wildfire, respond when fire occurs, and recover after the event of fire.

Current fire and forecast information

Before Fire Strikes

Recovering From Fire

Forest Health in the Columbia River Gorge -

This website provides information and educational resources to assist landowners, land managers, and natural resource professionals in their efforts to sustain forest and tree health and resiliency in the Columbia Gorge. Trees and forests in the Columbia River Gorge face many challenges across diverse topography and climate conditions. In the Gorge, it seems that there are constant threats to forest health from the interaction of wind, ice, snow, heat, or drought and hazards due to fire, insects, and diseases.

Other Sites of Interest

US Forest Service Fire Education
Understanding the role of wildland fires.

Project Wildfire
Project Wildfire facilitates, educates, disseminates and maximizes community efforts toward effective fire planning and mitigation.

eXtension Wildfire Information Network (eWIN)
Wildfire information including prevention, emergency information and questions and answers from wildfire experts.

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