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Campus Attending Veterinarian

Helen Diggs, MEd, DVM, DACLAM
Phone: 541-737-6213  

Clinical Veterinarian

Jennifer Sargent, DVM, MS, DACLAM
Phone: 541-737-2263 or 541-602-1283 

2nd-Year Resident

Johnathan DenHerder, DVM                                              Phone: 541-737-5665 or 541-737-2263                   Email                   

Animal Technicians


Mae Araki, BS, RLATG

Kristin Clausing, RLATG, Supervisor

Sheila Cleveland

Jane Menino

Molly Basney, BA, ALAT

Katherine Norris, Temp

Amy Glenn, Temp

Rachel Kataria, Temp

Business Office

Bonnie Taylor, Admin. Prog. Assist.
Phone: 541-737-2263 
Fax: 541-737-5637

LARC-managed Facilities

Agricultural & Life Sciences
Linus Pauling Science Center
Laboratory Animal Resources Center
Research Animal Isolation Laboratory (RAIL)


Our Pledge:

The employees of the Laboratory Animal Resources Center are committed to working together in a positive, supportive manner to achieve and maintain an exemplary campus-wide animal care and use program.  This includes:

  • Assuring humane care and use of animals through outstanding husbandry, superb veterinary oversight and enriched and/or social housing environments;
  • Making human and animal safety a priority;
  • Facilitating research and instructional programs through collaboration, consultation, training and provision of professional technical and clinical services;
  • Maintaining compliance with accreditation standards and applicable federal and state regulation;
  • Upholding Oregon State University’s academic mission, the research agenda and commitment to public health and community service.    


“The best animal welfare results in the best science.”
Russell and Burch -1959

Contact Info

Laboratory Animal Resources Center
Research Office
Corvallis OR 97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-2263
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