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Campus Attending Veterinarian

Helen Diggs, MEd, DVM, DACLAM
Phone: 541-737-6213541-737-6213 

Clinical Veterinarian/4th-Year Resident

Jennifer Sargent, DVM
Phone: 541-737-2263  or 541-602-1283 

1st-Year Resident/Graduate Student

Johnathan DenHerder, DVM                                            Phone: 541-737-2263

Animal Care Technicians


Mae Araki, BS, RLATG

Sam Brown, BS, RLATG

Kristin Clausing, RLATG

Sheila Cleveland

Jane Menino

Business Office

Bonnie Taylor, Admin. Prog. Assist.
Phone: 541-737-2263541-737-2263 
Fax: 541-737-5637

LARC-managed Facilities

Agricultural & Life Sciences
Linus Pauling Science Center
Laboratory Animal Resources Center
Research Animal Isolation Laboratory (RAIL)


Our Pledge:

The employees of the Laboratory Animal Resources Center are committed to working together in a positive, supportive manner to achieve and maintain an exemplary campus-wide animal care and use program.  This includes:

  • Assuring humane care and use of animals through outstanding husbandry, superb veterinary oversight and enriched and/or social housing environments;
  • Making human and animal safety a priority;
  • Facilitating research and instructional programs through collaboration, consultation, training and provision of professional technical and clinical services;
  • Maintaining compliance with accreditation standards and applicable federal and state regulation;
  • Upholding Oregon State University’s academic mission, the research agenda and commitment to public service.    


“The best animal welfare results in the best science.”
Russell and Burch -1959

Contact Info

Laboratory Animal Resources Center
Research Office
Corvallis OR 97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-2263
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