Weather & Irrigation

  • Innovative irrigation technology to significantly reduce water use and increase yields. Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) and Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA) Trials in the Pacific Northwest to read more information Click Here To Read More
  • AgriMet Weather Station at Klamath Experiment Station --AgriMet uses site specific weather data to estimate evapotranspiration (ET, or crop water use) for crops grown in the vicinity of each weather station. AgriMet uses alfalfa as the reference crop. Specific crop coefficients are then used to compute crop specific ET based on the alfalfa reference ET.
  • US Bureau of Reclamation, Klamath Basin Area Office--Located in Klamath Falls, the Klamath Basin Area Office (KBAO) manages the Klamath Project, a Federal storage project built in the early 1900's to provide irrigation for about 240,000 acres in California and Oregon. In addition, four national wildlife refuges are adjacent to or within the project boundaries and receive water from or are associated with project facilities.
  • National Water & Climate Center--The Oregon Climate Service (OCS), located on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon, is the state repository for weather and climate information.
  • Oregon Water Resources Department--The Oregon Water Resouces Department is charged with carrying out the water management policies set by the Water Resources Commission and with overseeing the enforcement of Oregon's water laws. The agency also manages information about streamflows, water rights, and well-log files for public review.
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