Watershed Resources

Excellent Macroinvertebrate ID Cards (Downloads in .pdf)

Bug ID Card: Produced by the Isaac Walton League of America Child Looking at brochure and field samples

Stream Insects and Crustaceans ID Card: Produced by the Isaac Walton League of America

River Key: Produced by Univeristy of Wisconsin Extension


Brochures (Downloads in .pdf)
Home Tips for a Healthy Watershed Brochure Produced by the Klamath Watershed Council
Klamath Falls Storm Drain Stenciling Program Brochure Produced by OSU Extension Klamath

Home Tips for Healhty Watershed Brochure Front

Other Web Resources

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Teachers Page

Discover new teaching ressoures, recognition for your students, and exciting ways to get your students involved in water resources.


U.S Bureau of Reclamation's (BOR) Educators Page: Watershare
WaterShare is the Mid-Pacific Region's virtual water conservation center. At this site you'll find technical advice for professional water managers; water wise gardens; and activities for students K-12 to learn about water conservation.


U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Educators Page
Complete water resource library for students and teachers. Also includes the largest earth science library in the world... providing information to other organizations and individuals in the areas of geology, hydrology, cartography, biology, and related fields.


Adopt-A-Watershed (AAW)
AAW is a non-profit organization that promotes educational enhancement, environmental stewardship, and community development through Place-Based Learning. AAW works with schools, youth education programs, community groups, and environmental organizations, guiding them through the 5-Steps to Leadership in Place-Based Learning.


Home School Children Looking into Stream





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