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 Smart Start Eating and Reading: Curriculum for K-2nd grade students that emphasis eating breakfast along with nutrition and reading. This curriculum is used by OSU Nutrition instructors in Klamath City & County Schools. Five Modules include: Breakfast Builds Better Brains, Many Foods Make a Morning Meal, More Matters: Fruits & Vegetables, Grains Get You Going, Milk & Movement for Mighty Bones.

Professor Popcorn: Curriculum for 3-5th grade students that focuses on teaching the five food groups and concepts of a healthy eating plan.  Lessons include: Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, and Protein.

Growing Healthy Kids:OSU Extension Garden Enhanced Nutrition Curriculum

Agricuture in the Classroom (AITC): Help expand students' knowledge of agriculture, the environment and natural resources. Lessons and resource materials free to Oregon educators. Includes "Grown in Oregon" Map.

Serving Up My Plate: A Yummy Curriculum (Team Nutrition, USDA): Emphasizes eating from all 5 food groups using MyPlate and the importance of physical activity. Includes teacher guides, handouts and original songs for three grade levels (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6).

Other Materials

Nutrition Education Handouts developed by OSU faculty.  All have been reviewed for content and readibility.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Resource List: On-line resources we recommend; most have free/downloadable materials.

Equipment and Visual Aids: We have many fun visual aids that can be incorporated into message of healthy choices. We'd be happy to let you borrow them. Please contact our office for more details at 541-883-7131 for creating your own youth nutrition education.

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Explore the World with Fruits and Vegetables   CDC has developed a kit for teachers, public health professionals, and dietitians to use with children to spark their interest in eating more fruits and vegetables.  The kit explores cuisines from different parts of the world, and provides activities to use in geography, math, and social studies classes. In addition, the kit includes a leader's guide, poster, recipe cards for adults and children, interactive worksheets, and a brochure. For more information on printed campaign materials, click here  

Finding Fats Experiments Youth investigate what foods have fat by conducting an experiment.

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