Attention Market Lamb Project Members:

2014 Spring Weigh-In Date & Location:  June 4, Klamath County Fairgrounds

Weigh-In Order

4:00- Twin Valley and Crystal Springs
5:00- CCSC
5:45-State Line and FFA
6:00- Bordertown
6:15- Poe Valley
Followed by any other clubs that might have been missed

Market Goats will weigh with their sheep club IF they are with a sheep club, otherwise they weigh at the end as noted above.

All members must come at their assigned club time; if that is not possible members must make prior arrangements with both the superintendent and their club leader.

All lambs must be shorn.

All ram/boar lambs/goats must be castrated before going across the scale.

Any animal showing evidence of a contagious disease (sore mouth/wool fungus) will be required to weigh last and the owner must disinfect the scales after their lamb crosses it.

Maximum weight for lambs is 110 lbs; there is no minimum weight.

Backup lambs must come from within your club so all clubs are encouraged to weigh in a club backup animal.

There is a cost of $15 per member /per species (not per lamb).  Money will be collected by the club leaders.


You must have a completed Bill of Sale with your animal(s) at spring weigh-in.  Download the Klamath County 4-H Sheep Division Bill of Sale here.

All lambs and goats must have a scrapies tag from their flock of origin and that number must match the bill of sale and health papers.

Please note:  A bill of sale is required for all lambs and a health certificate with Oregon entry number is required for all out-of-state lambs.  Each premise destination must be listed separately.

Basic requirements for sheep and goats entering Oregon are:

1. a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued less than 30 days prior to entry, and
2. an import permit issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and
3. the statement on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: "These animals have no known exposure to scrapie."  Scrapie Individual Identification or Premise Identification numbers need to be listed on certificate.


Country of Original Labeling (C.O.O.L.) Information


Klamath County Rotary Club Youth Market Livestock Loan

The Youth Market Livestock Loan was established to promote youth livestock projects that may otherwise be financially restrictive. The purpose is to provide an interest-free loan to be used towards purchasing a market quality animal to raise as a project.  Please visit the Rotary website for an application.

Helpful information:

4-H Sheep Project book (available at the Extension Office)

Sheep Silhouette


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